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The Benefits of Working with Leaders Partners

Winning Strategies
You expect your best resource, your partner, to affirm and deliver what you already know, and also to expose your practice to new and compelling opportunities. We’re fluent in the advanced sales strategies and, when we need help, we access a variety of resources here and at our home offices for tax, legal, design and technical services. We interface with them often, and they know and appreciate the posture we take in these matters. We’re also proficient in COLI strategies with great case design down to one life and simplified and guaranteed issue for five to ten lives.

Compelling Ideas
We mail and email good and interesting ideas, often of our own design, and we eagerly share good heard-on-the-street practices we encounter. Our materials include quarterly mailings of Great Ideas for particularly intriguing concepts you can adopt immediately and Executive Briefing for market commentary. Our Artist Series of case studies are illustrations of remedies and solutions. We offer dozens of these case studies that are guaranteed to trigger thoughts of your own client situations. You must see our unique package called A Suite of Approaches for policy review. Our Performance Review suite for life policy review includes strategies for measuring the performance of personally owned policies, trust owned policies and business owned policies.

Our Suite of Approaches is our best marketing campaign ever. Brilliant consumer-friendly brochures and eye-popping policy review output makes the Suite an invaluable addition to your practice. Ask for them by name: Performance Review for personal life policies, TOLI Performance Review for trust owned life policies, and Performance Review for Business Life Insurance for business owned life policies. Only Leaders Partners offers such a comprehensive suite of approaches to the lucrative policy review service.

The Best Insurer Partners
The best product, underwriting and advanced sales carriers in independent distribution are our friends and partners! From the aggressive brokerage players to the household name life insurance companies, Leaders Partners is your competitive advantage. Our life product offerings include the market’s leading insurers for term, fixed and variable universal life, traditional whole life, and annuities. All of our carriers are highly rated by the major rating agencies.

Personal Aspects
Encouraging you and your assistants to really “click” with our internal and external sales and marketing personalities, our in house underwriting talent and our great interactive case managers is an important benefit to working with Leaders Partners. Our corporate culture is warm and friendly. Our constant objective is to build and enjoy intensely personal relationships with our partners.

Coverage Matters
Leaders Partners has managed the underwriting and approval of very large cases, some in excess of $100 million. We are fluent and competent in all matters of retention, jumbo and facultative reinsurance cases. We know and understand the estate planning markets, the executive benefit markets and the financial planning markets. We offer guaranteed issue and simplified issue approaches to the professional and executive markets, as well as fully underwritten price-sensitive solutions. Our depth of underwriting expertise makes Leaders Partners a sensitive and effective partner for your impaired risk clients. Our products include the market’s best priced term, universal and whole life plans, as well as competitive long term care and annuities. Our wholesaler-relationships extend our offerings into the variable markets for qualified registered reps.

Before and After the sales advantages
Before the sale, Leaders Partners brings you brilliant case design work for your analysis and client presentation. Our objective is to make you a consistently better resource for your clientele, and to make your presentation work more comprehensive and skillful. Illustrations “pop” with color, graphics and attractive tables. Our Market Surveys help you and your client select the right product, the right carrier, the first time. After the sale, case management is competent, communicative and complete. Our technology allows instant access to home offices and vendors; imaging and encryption protect privacy and confidential documents; and our status and other communications to you are timely and friendly. We are an extremely underwriting-centric business: we share a common vocabulary with our underwriters, we understand the reinsurance markets, we’re competent to interface directly with insurer medical directors. Only Leaders Partners is this effective at marketing you and your case to the underwriting markets.

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